High Ceiling Painted Living Room

Prepping Your Home

At Bell’s Painting our goal is to give great value and exceptional service.  To make sure your job runs smoothly, please prepare your rooms.  The following should be done prior to your painters arrival.

  • Valuables and Electronics:
    All valuables and electronics should be removed from the room if possible.  If electronics must stay, please disconnect them from the wall outlets.Preparing your home for paint
  • Furniture:
    All heavy furniture should be moved 2-3 feet away from walls. Any lighter furniture will be moved and reset by your painters. Any remaining items in the room will be covered with new painters plastic.
  • Window Treatments:
    All valances, curtains, shades and blinds need to be removed.
  • Wall Hangings:
    Paintings, mirrors, pictures, wall shelves, tapestries and art should be removed.  If you are replacing the wall item to the same location, just leave the rod or hook in place.
  • Electrical outlets, switch covers and smoke detectors:
    Your painters will remove and replace all light switch covers and outlet covers.  They will mask permanent light fixtures, thermostats, security system panels and smoke detectors as required.
  • Doors and Windows: 
    If we are to paint your doors or windows, please leave all locks, knobs, handles or hinges as they are.  These items do not need to be removed.
  • Closets:
    If we are to paint your closets or pantry, please remove all contents.