Decks and fences:

Prepping around the deckBell’s Painting will power wash your deck or fence to remove dirt, mold and mildew.  We use 3 types of stain that can take care of most any situation:

  1. Semitransparent siding and deck stain: used on new wood and surfaces that have only been stained a few times prior
  2. Semitransparent opaque siding and deck stain: this is used on surfaces that have been treated several times and need more pigment to make them look uniform
  3. Solid color acrylic stain: this is used when the homeowner wants a solid uniform color; sometimes there is no other alternative as there has been to many applications or severe weathering

Power washing:

Most home exteriors have dirt, mold and mildew present; a professional power wash can remove these.  This is true on all “maintenance free” surfaces, too, such as vinyl, aluminum, etc.